Umphrey's McGee June 18, 2023
Bonnaroo Music & Art Festival
Manchester, TN
Which Stage (Scheduled for 4:30-5:15 PM)

Audience 44.1khz 16bit Stereo

Recorded on iPhone 4 with Tascam iM2 mic strapped on top of one of the posts (farthest left) of the access platform on the right side of the field. Recorded with TW (Twisted Wave App) then Apple File Transfer to PC through iTunes. Then Cool Edit Pro was used to add fades and normalizing to zero decibels. CD Wave Editor used for tracking and TLH for Flacs (level 8 on boundaries) as well as for fingerprint and torrent creation.

Very good recording without much audience interference.
Trade only in Lossless format. Buy the band's music and merch!!

Setlist (Total Time 58:43):

01. Puppet String
02. Pure Saturation
03. Bridgeless
04. Hiccup
05. Boothless
06. Frankie Zombie (with Pink Floyd tease)
07. JaJunk