Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
2013-11-30 (November 30th)
Westfalenhalle 1, Dortmund, Germany

Black Sabbath (also recorded)

1. Intro Music / Mt. Abraxas
2. Mind Crawler
3. I'll Cut You Down
4. Death's Door
5. Valley of the Dolls
6. Over and Over Again
7. Desert Ceremony

K.R. Starrs � Guitar/vocals
Yotam Rubinger � Guitar
Thomas Mowforth � Drums
Dean Millar � Bass Guitar

http://www.facebook.com/uncleacid � acidcoven.com

Recorded/filmed by SweetLeaf
This is Sweetleaf recording 013a (CD-R compatible audio version)

Audience recording

Equipment: Zoom Q3HD
Recording mode: 16bit 96kHz (audio), 16:9 HD PAL (video)

.mov files > zoom handy share > HDD (.wav 96kHz) > audacity (volume, tracks split, 44.1kHz) > tlh (md5 checksum) > flac (level 6)

video details:
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)(avc1)
Resolution: 1920x1080px
Framerate: 29,970029 f/sec.
Audio Codec: DVD LPCM Audio (lpcm)

running time: 39:59


This was my first time seeing/recording both Uncle Acid and Black Sabbath, and also the biggest venue I recorded in.

This is the audio version of the set - the video will not be shared (please don't request) for the following reasons:
As I didn't want to get caught taping before the actual Black Sabbath set, and a (security?) guy standing next to my seat during the Uncle Acid performance, I didn't stand up (people around me were all sitting). Therefore I filmed mostly the roof of the venue and the heads of people sitting in front of me. So I consider this an audio only recording.

My position was at the right side of the venue (seats) somewhat in the middle. The Uncle Acid set was not very loud. The result sounds distant and a bit tinny. I had to turn the volume way up in audacity.

I did not change/EQ anything except for the overall volume.

I did not cut any audience noise or banter between the songs.

The intro music cuts in as I started recording right after it started.

Artwork included.

Any comments welcome.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did!


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