Uncle Earl
High Street Concert Series
Rodgers Hall
Lyons, CO

*Please keep this text file complete & in-tact when sharing this show.*
Recording: mikes placed on stage 1 foot from center vocal mike
(90 degree spread DFC) Marshall 2003s w/Royer Mods>Grace Lunatec V3>CO2>JB3@16/44.1
Rec/Mastered/Corrections: paul@thespps.org

Erin Coates on bass (Sharon on the road with Peter Rowan)

01 Intro
02 Walken In My Sleep
03 ??
04 Staggerlee w/Sally Van Meter
05 Pony Days w/Sally Van Meter
06 Preacher
07 I Got the Keys to the Kingdom (additional vocals by the audience)
08 Sugar Babe
09 John Brown's Dream
10 Thinken In Terms Of One
11 Bob Tailed Mule
12 Winter’s Come and Gone aka “Dong tian lai you zou”
13 Spatula
14 Bucking Dun???
15 Warfare
16 Coffee's Cold
17 Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky
18 JuliAnne Johnson
19 Willy Taylor
20 Ida Red
21 Divine
22 ??

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High Street Concerts is a monthly, non-profit concert series held
October-May in Rodger Hall in downtown Lyons, Colorado.

High Street Concerts is an SPPS Partner Venue,
Uncle Earl is an SPPS Partner Band.
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