Uncle Tupelo
Live on Heat w/John Hockenberry (NPR radio show)

10" reel to reel master > 1st gen tape > cdr > EAC > wav > edited with EAC wav editor > flac8
*see notes below for more on the transfer and editing

01. Atomic Power
02. interview
03. Whiskey Bottle
04. interview (cont.)
05. Screen Door
06. Graveyard Shift
07. Life Worth Livin'
08. outro
Total Time:

Line up:
Jay Farrar - guitar
Jeff Tweety - guitar
Mike Heidorn - brushes

Uncle Tupelo appearing on Heat w/John Hockenberry, an live NPR radio program recorded in New York City. It is the last night of
the 11th New Music Seminar which they are played at earlier in the week. They are interviewed and play live in the studio throughout
the hour of the show. It is an all acoustic set. They played three songs and were interviewed in the first part of the show, then played
the other two songs at the end of the program after an interview with another guest

I believe this might be a completly uncirculated show. I havn't seen it on anyone's trade list and the person who loaned me the tape
had definetly never given it to anyone else before me. Even if this show has circulated, this is a completly new source for it.

*Notes on the transfer and editing:
I borrowed this audio tape from a friend, it was a 1st generation audio cassette (of the entire hour of the program) made from a
10" reel to reel tape. I believe the reel to reel tape was a pre-broadcast studio master (there were no local station ID's in the show
and some promo bits were tacked on the end), but I'm not 100% sure (the reel could have been from an affiliate station that did
not air the program live, but recorded the satellite feed for later broadcast). I transfered the tape to CDR using a Technics RS-TR232
plugged directly into my Philips CDR 785 (a component stereo CDR recorder). The tape was recorded using Dolby B noise reduction,
so it was played back for recording with Dolby B on. The CDR was extracted to my harddrive with EAC (secure, with correct read
offset), and I edited the show with the EAC wav editor. Tracks 1-4 were in a row on the show just as they are on the CD there is no
editing between them. Tracks 5-8 were spread out through the rest of the show (5 and 6 would have been after returns from local station
IDs during the interview with the other guest, and tracks 7-8 were at the end of the show). I trimmed host John Hockenberrys comments
around these tracks ("...and now another song from...", "uncle tupelo will be back later", "that was <song> by uncle tupelo, live in our
studio", etc.) so that the songs flowed right together. The editing is such that the interviews can be left out or moved to the end, if you
like, and the music will not be affected.