Uncle Tupelo
Charlie's Tap - Cambridge, MA (All Acoustic)

All Acoustic

aud>?>cdr trade>eac>wav>flac (align on sb)

Notes: From original seeder, thank you for the show!

Extra special thanks to the individual who traded this and several
other shows with me.

This is a bit different than the via chicago torrent I posted a
couple of weeks ago, I've cleaned this one up a bit. I took out
a few seconds of silence during the clapping at the end of four
songs. I also created a fade at the end of the cut version of
"Graveyard Shift". There is still some minor imperfections between
a couple of the tracks,(usually during the clapping after songs) but
it is much less noticeable now. This times in at 82:31 now so those
who can overburn can cram it on one disc. I've left it as if it
should go on two discs.

Another show full of jokes, half assed covers, and fun. Brian
Henneman can be heard making comments from the crowd and joins
in on "The Joker". Exact date is unknown, severals songs are
unrehearsed and end after a verse or chorus or two. Still,
it is a very cool show.!! The songs are split as I received them
but there is much more music on disc one. Graveyard Shift is
incomplete. Sorry, no artwork, fingerprints included.

Note: From FactoryBelt dot com:
Audience recording. The date here is a guess, the original tape was simply marked "Charlie's Tap." This seems to be a one-off acoustic show during the recording of Still Feel Gone.
The band was very drunk and very loose, with Brian Henneman (who played an opening set) razzing them from the crowd when he was not onstage.
Only known versions of the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil," Big Star's "September Gurls," and Doug Sahm's "At the Crossroads," (though each of those were unrehearsed and aborted after a verse or two).

Disc One

1 Willin'
2 Flatness
3 True To Life
4 Gun
5 There Was a Time>Corrina, Corrina
6 I've Been Working On the Railroad
7 Punch Drunk
8 Sin City
9 Do Re Mi
10 Life Worth Livin'
11 Friend of the Devil
12 Before I Break
13 Whiskey Bottle
14 Factory Belt
15 September Gurls
16 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
17 Watch Me Fall
18 No Depression

Disc Two
1 At the Crossroads
2 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
3 The Joker (w/ Brian Henneman)
4 Graveyard Shift (cut)

-- Great show for the completese of UT and to enjoy!