Uncle Tupelo
Jake's - Bloomington, IN

Source: aud>?>cdr in trade>eac>flac

Additional Lineage:Flac > Samplitude ProX3 (channel volume adjustment,panning) > Flac > TLH (intgrity,SBEs,checksums) > Foobar2K Live Show Tagger > Deluge (KerouacAW)

Overall this is a very good AUD not many Uncle Tupelo shows come around, great addition to your collection.

1. Postcard
2. Nothing
3. Discarded
4. Looking For a Way Out
5. Flatness
6. True To Life
7. D. Boon
8. Fall Down Easy
9. Watch Me Fall
10. I Wanna Destroy You (electric)
11. Outdone
12. Cold Shoulder
13. Punch Drunk
14. No Depression
15. Gun
16. John Hardy
17. Graveyard Shift
18. Still Be Around
19. Life Worth Livin'
20. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
21. Whiskey Bottle
22. That Year
23. Streets of Bakersfield
24. Factory Belt
25. Hello There
26. Roll Another Number
27. Left In The Dark

I would like to thank the unknown/known tapers,transferer's for all their hard work and being kind to share these recordings, it's greatly appreciated and is given acclaim and thanks when we know who they are and dont know who to credit, but respect and appreciation is given to all involved. All credit goes to The Musicians, and these folks for spreading the music and allowing me/us to continue to listen, enjoy and help spread good vibes. Many of these are reseeds, that don't seem to have been seeded in a long while. Thanks again to the Bands, Owl and Bear, original tapers and uploaders! Peace.. KerouacAW