Uncle Tupelo 1992-02-20 Gabes, Iowa City, IA etree sbd ttd Flac

Uncle Tupelo
Iowa City IA


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source: unknown according to factorybelt, this seems to be SBD recording does sound good overall, hard hitting, punk-style early UT.There are some cuts in on Gun and cut out on Love's Gonna Live Here. Thanks for the taper/crew and Owl and Bear! Front, back covers included, nothing elaborate. This does sound good!

Gabes (previously Gabe and Walkers) is a Bar on the north side of Iowa Avenue some 3 blocks east of the Pentacrest, across the street from the Press-Citizen building. Some decent bands have played there over the years including Tony Williams Lifetime, Dopapod. It's a righteous bar, no overpriced beers, no pretentious drinks or snax.


01. Looking For A Way Out
02. Discarded
03. D.Boon
04. Fall Down Easy
05. Flatness
06. Postcard
07. Nothing
08. True To Life
09. Punch Drunk
10. Cold Shoulder
11. Still Be Around
12. Watch Me Fall
13. Sauget Wind
14. Love's Gonna Live Here (end cut)
15. Gun (beginning cut)
16. Factory Belt
17. No Depression
18, I Found That Essence Rare
19. I Wanna Destroy You
20. Graveyard Shift
21. Blue Eyes
22. Before I Break

Uncle Tupelo
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Uncle Tupelo was an alternative country music group from Belleville, Illinois, active between 1987 and 1994. Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, and Mike Heidorn formed the band after the lead singer of their previous band, The Primitives, left to attend college. The trio recorded three albums for Rockville Records, before signing with Sire Records and expanding to a five-piece. Shortly after the release of the band's major label debut album Anodyne, Farrar announced his decision to leave the band due to a soured relationship with his co-songwriter Tweedy. Uncle Tupelo split on May 1, 1994, after completing a farewell tour. Following the breakup, Farrar formed Son Volt with Heidorn, while the remaining members continued as Wilco.

Although Uncle Tupelo broke up before it achieved commercial success, the band is renowned for its impact on the alternative country music scene. The group's first album, No Depression, became a byword for the genre and was widely influential. Uncle Tupelo's sound was unlike popular country music of the time, drawing inspiration from styles as diverse as the hardcore punk of The Minutemen and the country instrumentation and harmony of the Carter Family and Hank Williams. Farrar and Tweedy's lyrics frequently referred to Middle America and the working class of Belleville.

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