** Uncle Tupelo -- 07/03/93 - Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
Grindstone/ Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down/ True To Life/ Chickamauga/ Watch Me Fall/ Anodyne/ The Long Cut/ Slate/ Atomic Power/ New Madrid/ Sandusky/ Acuff-Rose/ Steal the Crumbs/ Looking For A Way Out/ Nothing/ Fifteen Keys/ We've Been Had/ Key to My Heart/ No Depression

Lineage: SBD--> unknown -->Dime-->Dime(reprise)

SETLIST (68:40)

*Zayver: This show is amazing really takes me back to when first start hearing these guys hard hitting, yet tight, this a great show to add to your collection. Very minor distractions in the listening experience just hearing it live. A Very Good Recording, Fantastic! To the tapers, technicians, uploader,O & B and UT, humbling.

Soundboard recording. Part of this show was broadcast on a local radio station. There is also an audience recording of this show.