Uncle Tupelo
Roskilde Festival,DK

source: fm->cassette
transfer: master->sherwood hx-pro>aux->hd->cep->cdwavc->flac

01. Atomic Power
02. Grindstone
03. Satan, Your Kingdom must come down
04. True to Life
05. Chicamagua
06. Watch Me fall
07. Anodyne
08. The Long Cut
09. Slate
10. New Madrid
11. Sandusky
12. Acuff Rose
13. Steal the Crumbs
14. Looking for a way out
15. outro

Presented by Jan Poulsen - complete broadcast - incomplete show.

Note - Atomic Power was aired first as a teaser, it should be located between
Slate and New Madrid in the set.

I did record the show, and have a comlete audience version (19 songs), and a sbd version is also in circulation.