Uncle Tupelo
"Scotty's Pub"
Bloomington, IN.
October 13, 1993

excellent unknown source/gen tape(?)>Harmon Kardon tape deck>Pioneer
stand alone burner>wav>flac level 8 in traders little helper

Did not keep the source info with this one, but it sounds great.
But It is either 1st or 2nd gen.

1. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
2. Grindstone
3. True To Life
4. Chickamagua
5. Watch Me Fall
6. Anodyne
7. New Madrid
8. Sandusky
9. Slate
10. Atomic Power
11. Fifteen Keys
12. The Long Cut
13. Acuff-Rose
14. Steal The Crumbs
>We've Been Had
15. Give Back The Key To My Heart
16. Looking For A Way OUt
17. Life Worth Living
18. Nothing
19. No Depression

Other copies of this show are missing two songs: New Madrid and Steal The crumbs,
this copy has those songs. Different source? not sure.