Uncle Tupelo
San Francisco, CA
Nov. 11, 1993

Quality: A joy to listen to early driving UT nothing compares in this genre! (A)
Thanks to the unknown Taper/conversion folks for getting this gem out there.

01 Grindstone
02 Satan
03 True To Life
04 Chickamauga
05 Watch Me Fall
06 Anodyne
07 The Long Cut
08 Slate
09 Atomic Power
10 New Madrid
11 Sandusky
12 Steal The Crumbs
13 Acuff-Rose
14 Looking For A Way Out
15 We've Been Had
16 Give Back The Key To My Heart
17 Fifteen Keys
18 Nothing
19 Life Worth Livin'
20 No Depression
21 Willin'
22 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
23 Truck Drivin' Man

Total length: 1:18:57

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