Uncle Tupelo
Toad's Place, New Haven, Conn. USA

1. Grindstone
2. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
3. Chickamauga
4. Watch Me Fall
5. 15 Keys
6. The Long Cut
7. Anodyne
8. New Madrid
9. Sandusky
10. Gun
11. Slate
12. Atomic Power
13. Looking for a Way Out
14. Acuff-Rose
15. True to Life
16. We've Been Had
17. Key to My Heart
18. Postcard
19. encore break
20. Whiskey Bottle
21. Truck Drivin' Man
22. Effigy

Source: Sonic Studios mics> Sony D3 DAT
Transfer: DAT> Tascam DA20mkII> M-Audio Transit> SoundForge 8.0
Tracking, FLACing: CDWave, Trader's Little Helper

The whole show runs about 85:30. If you eliminate track 19, the
encore gap, the show runs about 82:38 so some people *may* be able
to overburn onto one disc. (Note I'm not recommending overburning,
your results may vary due to media or burner, yadda yadda yadda.
For example, the Malaysian Fuji disc I just tested will only go to
81:58.08, according to Nero.) Split the discs wherever you like,
there's around 30 seconds of tuning between each track but almost no
interaction with the audience-- so if you're ambitious and don't care
about the flow, you can edit out a few of those and leave out the
encore gap and burn to one disc. Anyway, IMHO a good place to split
is between tracks 11 and 12, Slate and Atomic Power. There's a shorter
gap between those songs so you're not going to sit through 30 seconds
of plinking around only to have the disc end...

There a couple places where the sound changes slightly as the taper
changed positions, but all in all, it's a good sounding recording
especially considering it was Enrico's first taping experience.

For pretty lame review of the show, see