Uncle Tupelo
April 21, 1994
Normal, IL.

another one I call a gem, from the Mudpie collection of 1st time circulating these 1st
generation tapes on my shelf.

Excellent SBD 1st Gen cassette(1)>Harmdon Kardon tape deck>
>Pioneer Stand alone burner>wav>flac level 8 in traders little helper.

Got this from a guy who worked at the college where it was played.
Now for the life of me, cannot remember the school name. But this show is rare,
no etree listing or users. Not available anywhere that I can find their shows.

Excellent quality. Enjoy.

(track one is missing in the folder, this is okay, it was a mistake on my part
during conversion on the stand alone burner, you have all the music, nothing is missing from the show)

2. Grindstone
3. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
4. Watch Me Fall
5. Sandusky
6. New Madrid
7. Fifteen Keys>Slate
8. Atomic Power
9. High Water
10. Acuff-Rose
11. True To Life
12. We've Been Had
13. Give Back The Key To My Heart
14. Willin'