ProgDay 2005
Day 1, Band 2 - The Underground Railroad
Storybook Farm, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Sep 3rd, 2005, approx 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Kurt Rongey - keyboards and vocals
John Livingston - drums
Bill Pohl - guitars and vocals
Michael Richardson - bass

1. soundcheck/introduction (0:47)
2. The Canal at Sunset (4:56)
3. Halo (9:03)
4. Love is a Vagabond King (13:12)
5. Julian Ur / Julian I * (12:19)
6. Julian II (9:21)
7. band introductions (0:41)
8. Mars (5:13)
9. May-Fly (4:16)
10. happy birthday Benjamin (1:16)
11. In the Factory -> (19:58)
The Doorman ->
The Creeper **

Total Time: 81:06

* = ends abruptly because I had to flip the tape
** = cut off due to end of tape

audience (mono cassette) > CoolEdit > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC


The recording was actually supposed to be stereo, but the right microphone
must not have been fully plugged in because the volume in the right channel
ended up being nearly inaudible. So I mixed the tiny bit of signal in the
right channel into the full left channel and saved it as a mono file. The
result sounds OK, except that occasionally when the volume level changes
abruptly, it causes a crackle/pop noise. It's worst during the first couple
songs, then only happens a few times through the rest of the recording.

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