United Jazz & Rock Ensemble - Mainz - 25.09.1986 - AUD

Mainz, Germany

25. September 1986

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sound rating: A-/B
Recording notes:
1. The encore started with track 5. I missed a few seconds so it fades in...
2. The sound quality (especially track2) is a bit inferior compared to disk 1 but I can't track down why this happened.
Those able to provide the song titles are more than welcome to help out!

From the concert ad:
When the United Jazz and Rock Ensemble celebrated their 10th jubilee in 1985 a festive concert tooked place at the Eltzer Hof in Mainz.
There, some more people could witness this "European Jazz Peak"; after all more than a few had to be send back home in 1984 in the
completely sold-out Kulturzentrum (KUZ). In 1986 the "United" goes back to the KUZ again. This atmosphere is unique and the acoustic is ideal.
And both is indispensable, because this time the concert should be recorded for a new Live Long-Player - and therefor the Eltzer Hof is not good enough...
So: get out of the sterility into the smoky air of the discarded factory building! A completely new program has been elaborated for this live recording.
Of course this will only be a cold comfort for those who did not care about a ticket in time.
Apart from that these guys are happy to encounter your atmospheric collaboration:

Barbara Thompson; fl,ss, ts
Ian Carr; tp
Wolfgang Dauner; p, cl, synth
Johannes Faber; tp, flgh
Elmar Schmidt; dr
Volker Kriegel; gt
Albert Mangelsdorff; tb
Charlie Mariano; nagaswaran, ss, as
Ack van Rooyen; tp, flgh
Eberhard Weber; b

Disk 1
has been seeded previously http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=248924

Disk 2
1. 07:44
2. 07:13
3. 07:18
4. Feuerwerxmusik (W. Dauner) 12:06
5. 07:17
6. 12:29

Finally the plans to release this concert were buried.
I suppose the reason for that was the absence of Jon Hiseman who was substituted by Elmar Schmidt.

Seeded in memory of
Ian Carr +2009
Albert Mangelsdorff +2005
Volker Kriegel +2003

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