Unknown Hinson
Village Tavern
Mount Pleasant, SC USA
MASTER aud recording

This is the very 1st time
that I ever saw Unknown
Hinson. I haven't been the
same since.....

Lineage -

SONY ECM-719 stereo mic >
SONY Recording MD Walkman MZ-NH1 (MDLP) >
SONY PREMIUM Recordable 80 min. Mini-Disc >
SONY Recording MD Walkman MZ-NE410 (playback) >
ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder (tracked songs here) >
SanDisk SDHC sound card 4 GB >
Transferred wav files onto HD here >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracked & edited wav files here) >
Trader's Little Helper (new wav files to flac,
encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Unknown Hinson Theme
Track 02 - Silver Platter
Track 03 - Peace, Love and Hard Liquor
Track 04 - You Ain't Callin' The Law.
Track 05 - Train Time
Track 06 - I Fought The Law
Track 07 - Fish Camp Womern
Track 08 - Rock and Roll Is Straight From Hell
Track 09 - It Don't Bother Me
Track 10 - I Make Faces When I Make Love
Track 11 - Undead Blues
Track 12 - Barbie-Q
Track 13 - Ugly Things
Track 14 - Hippie Girl
Track 15 - Manic Depression
Track 16 - Love On Command
Track 17 - Alkyhol Withdrawl
Track 18 - Lingerie
Track 19 - Foggy Windows
Track 20 - Venus Bound
Track 21 - King Of Country Western Troubadours

CD 1: 13 tracks, 45:27
CD 2: 8 tracks, 46:25
TT: 91:52, 21 tracks
SQ: ex- aud, 9/10, IMHO as always.

The Defilers (local psychobilly band) opened for Unknown Hinson.
They WERE recorded on another MD recorder that I brought along
as an experiment but the sound was very distorted ; an unpleasant

I recorded this show so a brief description is in order:

This was my 1st exposure to live Unknown Hinson and a hilarious
time was had by all. Unknown had black sideburns that were really
black electrical tape. He shot off a starter pistol at the
beginning of every show and he had his chauffeur and "man servant"
(Otto ?) standing motionless at the back of the stage holding
a towel for him to be used when he was sweating. The man servant
thing didn't last too long (Otto was really a Charlotte-area
photographer) and soon after this show he vanished from the stage.
Unknown played several cover tunes and subsequently played many
more. The audience this night was made up of drunken college kids
who were a bit noisy but the music drowned them out. Quite a few
young hotties (women !) were present that night and it was a
raucous evening. I stood on the wooden seat of a semi-circular booth
to get my mic above the crowd and this worked very well. After the
show I got a chance to have UH autograph all my CDs ; I told him
that he was an excellent guitarist and that he ought to release
some live CDs of his shows. He didn't seem real keen on this notion
but of course he DID release the one live CD a bit later on. He
stayed in character while I spoke with him after the show and that
was pretty weird.....

For those who may not know, Unknown Hinson's music basically covers two
genres: 1) hard rock and 2) hilarious hillbilly ballads about sex, love
and criminal behavior.

Unknown Hinson is both a 300-year-old vampire and the King of Country
Western Troubadours. I've been a big fan since June 2006 (this show was
my first !!) and have seen him well over 25 times since then. He's
hilarious live and is an excellent guitarist. He is a great entertainer
and well worth the price of admission.

Unknown Hinson hails from outside Albemarle, NC and has released
(I believe) 5 albums. Buy all his stuff and go see him whenever
possible. You'll be glad you did ! This is an EXCELLENT show and
a great introduction to live Unknown Hinson. I'm just trying to
spread the Hinson gospel. Remember - THE FUTURE IS UNKNOWN.......
That's about all I have to rave about, so let's wrap this thing up....

Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
If you're unfamiliar with his music, this is an excellent place to start.
I will post a sample to help some of you decide whether or not to download
this, but believe me, it's basically unnecessary. So, as Mr. Natural is
so fond of saying, have fun, don't freak out and enjoy the concert !

jojogunne 6/1/2012