Unknown Hinson
Visulite Theatre
Charlotte, NC USA
MASTER aud recording
ex- to ex IMHO

Lineage -

SONY ECM-DS70P Electret Condenser mic > ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder >
SanDisk SD Card 4GB > split giant wav file to smaller ones on ZOOM >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (tracked wav files here on HD) >
Trader's Little Helper (new wav files to flac,
encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Unknown Hinson Theme
Track 02 - Silver Platter
Track 03 - Peace, Love And Hard Liquor
Track 04 - Train Time and I Fought The Law
Track 05 - Fish Camp Woman
Track 06 - You Ain't Callin' The Law
Track 07 - Ugly Things
Track 08 - Mona Marie
Track 09 - Barbie-Q
Track 10 - Torture Town
Track 11 - Pregnant Again
Track 12 - I Ain't Afraid Of Your Husband
Track 13 - Your Man...
Track 14 - In The Trunk Of My Cadillac Car.flac:38433f0762ab30974fb0ab6461c65e70
Track 15 - Hippie Girl.flac:564a06444918834da983130d3318374f
Track 16 - Manic Depression.flac:4508b9c039e5354e4b6ca7e6352f3f59
Track 17 - Polly Urethane.flac:bb7d85c2373d9c2b4e67969601b5c37c
Track 18 - Venus Bound.flac:c4b24542707151199c91f86f37edaf10
Track 19 - Alkyhol Withdrawl.flac:aaee97a23bad42a44ff01a8e63a9c7af
Track 20 - Lingerie.flac:fe9667693238fab0fe7f71773d7c8170
Track 21 - Foggy Windows.flac:8359dd71d06a4f410cb9f213799bb2ae
Track 22 - The King Of Country Western Troubadours.flac:99fb6e22f1569a048cd9d2bf0d4dc527
Track 23 - A Self-Appointed Asshole Speaks.flac:5d8f0355064cbef2d4de96e61ffb0400
Track 24 - I'm The King.flac:620fa73aa366ad72b790472ada3cec29
Track 25 - It Don't Bother Me.flac:f57f261f685a9fc61efeece44e07f497
Track 26 - I'm Unknown.flac:e052efabfba145a8caebd3f98a356ed7
Track 27 - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).flac:25b90d6ec5f26067a743e9bedb8efdcc
Track 28 - Summertime Blues.flac:1798f7c1b78df0e9d6040de9de971ce7
Track 29 - Little Wing.flac:4318535e41d25da6f4e161b5b7010184

CD 1: 16 tracks, 67:01
CD 2: 13 tracks, 62:56
TT: 129:57
SQ: ex- to ex aud, 9-9.5/10, IMHO as always.

The Lambhandlers opened for Unknown Hinson.

I WAS at this show so a brief description is in order. The Visulite
Theatre is a converted movie theater in Charlotte, NC that offers a
WIDE range of live alternative music. The place was packed for Unknown
and he was in fine form. He always puts on a good show & gives you your
money's worth (two hours for ~ $ 15, IIRC).He's an excellent guitarist
and showman. If he comes to your town, SEE HIM !!! The SQ is excellent.
There is some aud participation but he plays so loudly that it doesn't
really matter. Since Unknown is from Albemarle which is not far from
Charlotte, he's playing on his home turf and I believe that the Visulite
is his favorite hometown venue. The venue was full of rabid fans but none
more idiotic than a loaded female fan who climbed up on stage right after
the last song before the encore to garner her 15 minutes of Charlotte fame.
Her needlessly foul-mouthed rant is immortalized in Track 23. Won't Mom
be proud ? Listen to it. If you wish to keep it, fine. If it irritates
you, delete it. It's just a bit of local color.

For those who may not know, Unknown Hinson's music basically covers two
genres: 1) hard rock and 2) hilarious hillbilly ballads about sex, love
and criminal behavior.

Unknown Hinson is both a 300-year-old vampire and the King of Country
Western Troubadours. I've been a big fan since June 2006 and have seen
him well over a dozen times since then. He's hilarious live and is an
excellent guitarist. He is a great entertainer and well worth the price
of admission.

Unknown Hinson hails from outside Albemarle, NC and has released
(I believe) 5 albums. Buy all his stuff and go see him whenever
possible. You'll be glad you did ! This is an EXCELLENT show and
a great introduction to live Unknown Hinson. I'm just trying to
spread the Hinson gospel. Remember - THE FUTURE IS UNKNOWN.......
That's about all I have to rave about, so let's wrap this thing up....

Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
If you're unfamiliar with his music, this is an excellent place to start.
I will post a sample to help some of you decide whether or not to download
this, but believe me, you don't need one. So, as Mr. Natural is so fond of
saying, have fun, don't freak out and enjoy the concert !

jojogunne 4/18/2010