Up Until Now w/ David Murphy (STS9)
Terminal West, Atlanta, GA
December 27th, 2013


01 Come Too Far
02 Triple Trouble
03 Drop Dat
04 Junkie
05 Three Chops
06 Peeps To Peeps/Take Em Up
07 Music Sounds Better
08 Panty Slingshot
09 Petrify RMX
10 Work It
11 Lethal Injection
12 Hood Shining

SBD (Avid SC48) L/R out > Roland R-26 and internal xy cardioid mic's (foh, 36' f/ stage) @ 48 kHZ/24 bit
FOH Engineer: Jon Sargent
All post production with Macbook Pro and Logic Pro X
Recorded by D. Fries