Urban Pioneers
June 04,2016
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hippy Hill Stage
Bill Monroe Music Park
Bean Blossom,IN

source-sbd > SBD > H4N @ 16/44
transfer-DR-40 > Audacity > TLH
taped,transferred,shared by indydarkstar

01. Soundcheck
02. intro
03. unknown
04. Autumn Time
05. Something That's Never been Done
06. Apparition In The Fog
07. Please Give Me A Highway
08. He Didn't Know My Name Back Then
09. Big Spike Hammer
10. Goliath Coming Down
11. Lazy Bones
12. Tennessee Moon
13. Chocolate Easter Bunny
14. Never Had A Waffle AtThe Waffle House
15. Found Out About You
16. Liz's Reel
17. Walk This Earth
18. High On A Mountain
19. Over Horizon

thanks to JHMF for the hospitality
and the sound crew for the patch
please support artists and venues that allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,take a friend