Uriah Heep - Berlin(West),Germany unknown venue

audience tape(unknown gen)>CDR(trade)>wave(EAC)>
flac8(TLH)align on sector boundaries

good quality for 1970,but nothing spectacular,listen
to MP3 samples.I think it`s earliest live recording
from Uriah Heep that exists.One unreleased song was played
"I see you Tonight",I hope that this info is correct.
I like early Uriah Heep very much,so I decided to upload
this rare show from 1970 although I have not much
information about this concert,but I`m sure that all the
Uriah Heep fans will like this early show with an amazing
version of "Salisbury".

the band :

David Byron vocals
Mick Box guitar
Ken Hensley keyboards
Paul Newton bass guitar
Iain Clarke drums

setlist :

01.Bird of Prey 03.39
02.Time to live 06.18
03.I see you tonight 07.17
04.Dreammare 07.52
05.Simon The Bullet Freak 04.13
06.Salisbury 16.36
07.Gypsy 09.34

T.T. 55:29 min.

flac fingerprints :

e1cb1abe94ae6cf5082f7ea539c1ffb2 *01.Bird of Prey.flac
7400a2c425e3e8a097b73428d7535f90 *02.Time to Live.flac
178cdab01858ba8696ed403ed15afae4 *03.I see you tonight.flac
420684aa275bf790ab136ac6d9f18317 *04.Dreammare.flac
e7ac29a246ac913e0d22055f75822813 *05.Simon The Bullet Freak.flac
6980346fa414cbba495991ea9005b043 *06.Salisbury.flac
ee24fe84f9da781f89572f6dd590ac1a *07.Gypsy.flac
11d2d5e0246d33e3c4eb90f123efffe1 *Uriah Heep - Berlin(West) 1970.12.29.txt
b50b9641a041ec74abd0e5e5d2e7ce5e *Uriah Heep - Berlin,Ger. 1970.12.29.ffp