ARTIST: Uriah Heep
DATE: 26/9/71
VENUE: Saar-Mosel-Halle
LOCATION: Trier-Konz
SOURCE: Audience


1. Intro (2'29)
2. Bird Of Prey (3'55)
3. I Wanna Be Free (5'14)
4. Tears In My eyes (4'51)
5. Guitar Solo (10'05)
6. Love Machine-cut (1'47)
7. July Morning-cut (2'41)
8. Salisbury (13'16)
9. Look At Yourself (5'11)
10. Gypsy-cut (3'43)

Total time : 53'12

LINEAGE: MASTER tape>?>Cdr(trade)>WAV(EAC)>FLAC6>You

NOTES: Average nice recording, with some up & down in sound level (adjusting by the taper) and unfortunately lots of cuts during JM, LM and Gypsy (due to recording issue ?).
Anyway, the rare BOP, IWBF and Salisbury are complete.

If someone has the Berlin 12/29/70, thanks to seed it because it contains early stuff (see the back cover included) not available on other boots (my cd copy is damaged and I can't rip it !)

Enjoy !

upped by: Borispider