Uriah Heep Live at the San Bernardino Swing Auditorium, 1972-01-28, Master AUD reel-to-reel (opener for Deep Purple) First time in circulation - Very High Energy Show!

In some respects, this is a much harder rockin' performance than the DP that followed it! The guitar soloing and jamming are intense and spectacular.

I hesitate in calling this a totally complete show. Let's just say that it's probably mostly complete. I say this because the tapers are discussing shutting the deck off while the band is announcing "a new song", then the tape glitches and cuts in at the end of the intro to "Look At Me". That glitch has been removed.

There are several other strange glitches in this recording as well. It's probable there were problems with the tape or tape deck, as music echoes appeared twice. What's a music echo? It's when you hear a phrase recorded in a muffled fashion, followed by a slight pause, followed by a normal recording of the exact same phrase repeated.

Sounds to me as if the tape got wound around the capstan. I removed as much of it as I could find. You will also notice that entire sections of the tape sound a bit muffled. Not enough to complain about, but enough to notice. It's too bad, as this is one clean recording. The audience was completely dazzled by Messrs Box and Co, and the recording in places is about as good as it gets.


Bird Of Prey
I Wanna Be Free
July Morning
Tears In My Eyes
Mick Box Guitar Solo
Guitar Jam
Look At Yourself
Love Machine.

Setlist and dates were verified through Uriah-Heep.com, plus links through Deep-Purple.com were used as a cross reference.

No manipulation was performed on this show, it is presented as-is for your enjoyment.

Lineage: MR reel to reel ->Echo 3G ->Sound Forge 6.0 ->Flac

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