Uriah Heep
Münsterlandhalle, Münster, Germany
3rd May 1972

complete show!!

this is an update to the current version of rogermetal.

for this period (33 years old) a fantastic sounding audience recording.
It is the complete show with some little edits between the tracks and a fade in to Look at yourself.
But it is very listenable and a must have for all Heep fans.

lineage: audio tape unknown generation>audio recorder>wav>track seperation with nero>Cd-r>eac>shn.

no artwork.

1. Birds of prey
2. I wanna be free
3. Easy livin'
4. July morning
5. Improvisation incl. guitar solo, bass solo, drum solo

1. Tears in my eyes
2. Rainbow demon
3. The wizard
4. Gypsy
5. Look at yourself
6. Lady in black
7. Love machine
8. Rock 'n' Roll Medley


David Byron - vocals
Mick Box - guitars
Gary Thain - bass, vocals
Ken Hensley - Keys, vocals
Lee Kerslake - drums, vocals

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