Uriah Heep
David Byron- vocals
Mick Box- guitar
Ken Hensley- keyboards
Gary Thain- bass
Lee Kerslake- drums
Frankfurt, Germany
June 11, 1973
aud. reel master > DAT > CD >
CD extractor > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
runtime: 86:23
disc 1 50:58
1: tuning and talk 3:06
2: sunrise 4:11
3: sweet Lorraine 5:45
4: traveller in time > 3:26
5: easy livin' 3:31
6: July morning 12:10
7; gypsy (with keyboard and drum solos) 18:47
disc 2 35:25
8: tears in my eyes 5:09
9: circle of hands 9:05
10: satisfaction > look at yourself 8:35
11: the magician's birthday 1:19
12: love machine 3:28
13: roll over Beethoven > 1:46
14: blue suede shoes > 1:13
15: hound dog > at the hop >
shake baby shake > blue suede shoes (reprise) 4:46
this editing and performance can be split in a few
different places if preferred. this torrent is brought to
you with help from luciferburns (source of recording)
glasnostrd19 (remastering and posting) and the Heep of
Appreciation Society.
thanks (once again) to luciferburns for providing me
what sounds like a pretty good audience recording of
an early Heep show to share.
there is a moderate amount of what sounds like
mike shuffling or bumping (maybe a capstan noise?)
in parts of this recording, it's never overbearingly
loud but it is noticable,
otherwise it's a pretty listenable recording of
early 70's UH. Their live album had just been released
about a month before this show (so said in the show).
the band was pumped, the crowd very sedate. (reminds me
of the Fresno, Ca. 78 crowd at Aerosmith concert posted by
Markum7, a little livelier than that but not much) Unlike
the 4 piece show from Feb. 7, 73, this one does include
Love Machine and the R'R medley (and Mick Box) and is
more typical length of a whole heep of fun. If I had it
to do over again I would have made tracks 13-15 all
one track, never been a fan of multi tracked medleys
of 1:30 songs. Otherwise this came out pretty well.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.