Uriah Heep
New Century Theater
Buffalo, N.Y.
August 25, 1973

1st gen. cassette > DAT > CD >
CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC > torrentially yours.

runtime: 86:14


CD 1

1: tuning
2: easy livin'
3: Sweet Lorraine
4: stealin'
5: July morning
6: dreammare
7: if I had the time

CD 2

8: gypsy (with keyboard solo, cuts in, tape flip)
9: improvisation jam with drum solo
10: seven stars
11: sweet freedom >
12: look at yourself
13: love machine
14: roll over Beethoven > blue suede shoes >
hound dog > at the hop > blue suede shoes reprise (end cuts)

thanks to luciferburns for providing this recording.

remastering (including level balancing and re-tracking) by glasnostrd19 and }{eywood

A pretty good sounding recording for the band and time, and not alot of
crowd noise in it. it sounds like there were about 50 people there, it must
have been more than that. it was about the 5th show of this tour, and recorded
pretty close up, with a good balance of instruments in the mix.
seems the Europeans have had to pile most of the Uriah on the heep around here.
good thing at least one U.S. heep show was taped. the rock and roll medley thing
was a common encore for this tour. the amount missing is probably not much at all,
and only a few seconds at the beginning of track 8.

do not sell this recording.

Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.