Uriah Heep -Quartier Latin, Berlin(West)
Germany, 1984.11.19

align on sector boundaries
Recorded with my Sony DC5 and self made mics
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Very good show,good quality,for quality listen to MP3 samples
The show took place in the small venue Quartier Latin in the
Red light district of good old West Berlin near the wall
(Hi rammy ramsfeld & commando_hg when will I see you there again ?)
and band played brutal loud.


Pete Goalby - vocals
Mick Box - guitar
Trevor Bolder - bass
Lee Kerslake - drums
John Sinclair - keyboards


CD 1

01.Intro Roll Overture 01:30
02.Sell Your Soul 06:28
03.Stealin' 05:29
04.The Other Side Of Midnight 05:35
05.Too Scared To Run 04:54
06.Lonely Nights 07:23
07.The Wizard 04:33
08.July Morning 10:55

CD 2

01.Party Time 05:27
02.Stay On Top 03:38
03.Mick Box Guitar Solo 04:09
04.Gypsy 08:00
05.Easy Livin' 04:07
06.That's The Way That It Is 05:13
07.Lee Kerslake Drum Solo 03:00
08.Look At Yourself 09:06
09.Outro Land Of Hope And Glory 00:22

flac fingerprints :

b5ba2b7757d31f31872a24de0d6508f4 *CD 1\01.Roll Overture.flac
740ccdb3b008aee9daf951a9f0bccc98 *CD 1\02.Sell Your Soul.flac
bb6028c96adcc2edfbdfebe1683c8a89 *CD 1\03.Stealin.flac
b88acba21587c55bbb09a8862996b598 *CD 1\04.The Other Side Of Midnight.flac
da2a2f85b581f5cbdc118db7fb971221 *CD 1\05.Too Scared To Run.flac
248327fdbfa362d5716cef1407a85107 *CD 1\06.Lonely Nights.flac
3f2c0a716af95a5dac5cb57afe08fdb5 *CD 1\07.The Wizard.flac
7bce30df9298b83abf7683dc2dd4dab5 *CD 1\08.July Morning.flac
7d3ffc2fc54dfd5afdc98c4bb7a61d6a *CD 1\CD 1.ffp
28e0e65023a38d9881b5c152c45fffc7 *CD 2\01.Party Time.flac
81f121a0719970c4975b6b6549459411 *CD 2\02.Stay On Top.flac
015b2a36b396bac0232b81da9a982476 *CD 2\03.Mick Box Guitar Solo.flac
25a68466da8d9e4c1b1001199c100ddf *CD 2\04.Gypsy.flac
abacec4e50007d10fb9494c25c1543f8 *CD 2\05.Easy Livin.flac
c664e51da1bec71d9e0ffe9bd1f8a415 *CD 2\06.That's The Way That It Is.flac
59f2001b28c19e7674aecbad0c5bc793 *CD 2\07.Lee Kerslake Drum Solo.flac
c965600fe1418a2110162cdbc7571695 *CD 2\08.Look At Yourself.flac
c718c04c50ad7eff024c25e88cb110fc *CD 2\09.Land Of Hope And Glory.flac
7c1e28385592a1c5f1e33b396857f8d3 *CD 2\CD 2.ffp
d77c1b39294580e5adee79a8a7c1a893 *Uriah Heep - Berlin 19.11.1984 .txt