Band: Uriah Heep
Venue: Schwarzl-Freizeitzentrum / Schwarzlsee
City: Unterpremst�tten (bei Graz)
Country: Austria
Date: Friday, August 1st 2014
Bootleg Title: One Hour of July Morning on an August Afternoon
Taper: HighVoltage
Recording Equipment: Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
Mic Position: in front of breast bone, underneath T-shirt
Location: about 25m from the stage, right (2 m behind the Wavebreaker/bar)
Recorder Settings: Mic Sens low, Low Cut off, Mic Zoom Set Wide, Level: Manual, Limiter Off
Tour: Outsider
Lineup [First Day]: All against my Mind > URIAH HEEP > Sabaton > Airbourne > The BossHoss {[wtf?!]} > Status Quo > The Scorpions
John Kay's Steppenwolf was also on the bill, but due to "logistical problems" they couldn't make it to Austria
Audience: ~10.000

Lineage: internal Mics -> Olympus LS-10 (PCM WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) , -> PC -> Nero Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 6

Edits: general volume adaption, equalizer, edited out/lowered volume of a few short clips of whistles and screams between songs, fade-in & fade out, track split, flac level 6

Special Notes:
Me and a mate of mine arrived the day before and stayed at a hotel near the concert site, and guess who was staying there as well? Yep, Uriah Heep! They arrived later in the evening, and had a short chat (including signing stuff, making pics) with them at the bar after they had dinner, and actually had breakfast with them, too. Us with a slight hangover, so Mick Box was delighted to see us and shook hands with us again and welcomed us to breakfast! Well, he actually greeted a few people of the few who were in the room, but we still make jokes about the whole thing whenever we think of it!
Unfortunately due to recorder settings, the distance to the stage and the relatively low volume from the PA the audience noise turned out rather loud (and is overdriven at places) - the other I made turned out better, somehow. I tried to reduce the volume there, but of course these bits are still overdriven. Fortunately it's only between songs, mostly.
At the beginning of 'Stealin'' Bernie shouts "Alles gut? ...Fantastisch! ... OK, alle zusammen!" during which you can hear me saying "Stealin'! Ahhooh!". During the audience part in the song he shouts "Ein bisschen mehr!", "Ja!", "Noch einmal!", "Fantastisch!", and after the song he says "Fantastisch, dankesch�n!" and mentiones the gig the day before in Stuttgart, Germany, where it rained "all fucking night long" and then he shouts "Today we have the sunshine, people!". Then he announces thet they have a new record out, number 24, over 44 years "Wir haben eine neue Platte!... Danke. Ja, Nummer 24... �ber 44 Jahre!". After 'Can't take that away' he says "Vielen Dank!", and after 'One Minute' he says "Dankesch�n!". At the beginning of 'Lady in Black' Bernie shouts "Alle!" and again during the last long chorus, and during the audience part he says "Fantastisch!", "Mehr!" and "Unglaublich! Alle!". During the outro chords he shouts "Danke f�r alles!". At the end of 'Easy livin'' Bernie says "Fantastisch! Dankesch�n!" among some other greetings.
I didn't include the outro, because most of it was drowned out by shouts and cheers from the audience.

How to identify my recording:
At 1:15 into 'Overload' you can hear a male voice saying "Schau her moi!" (~Look at this!") and a few other words, and again at 3:33, and again towards the end of the song. Before the band kicks in to 'Stealin'' you can hear a male voice shouting "But my Life!" early between the short vocal break, and again before the solo. During the outro of 'Stealin'' you can hear a guy mentioning "Wind of Change". At the beginning of 'Can't take that away' you can hear my mate repeating that they're gonna play 2 things (off the new album) and you can hear me mentioning "One Minute!", which I've guessed they play as the second new one. At 2:25 into 'Can't take that away' you can hear some laughter. After 'One Minute' Mick Box says something about the new album, before he goes on talking about the next song, mentioning 1970, after which you can hear my mate saying "Gypsy kommt jetzt!". Right at the beginning of 'July Morning' you can hear me saying "July?!" and at 8:50 you can hear a yell. During "Lady in Black" at 3:10 you can hear my mate being quite miffed about why such a band plays as early as 3 in the afternoon ("Warum sp��t sowos um 3 Nochmittog...des kapier i ned!") and again after the song (before the encore) and mentiones another band on the bill and a word I'm not going to write down here, who were, let's say it positively, a rather *interesting* choice for a classic/hard rock festival. I didn't understand it either... We went back to the hotel bar for that time!

Soundquality: somewhat distant sounding audience recording, a little muffled, some interference from the audience (some overdriven, but mostly between songs though) - 6.5/10



01 Intro (0:49)
02 Overload (5:53)
03 Stealin' (6:34)
04 Can't take that away (5:27)
05 One Minute (5:54)
06 Gypsy (4:39)
07 Look at yourself (7:51)
08 July Morning (11:51)
09 Lady in Black (7:30)
10 Easy livin' (3:12)



Enjoy this recording anyway you want (I have uploaded both the flac- and the mp3 version), share it, but please keep my notes and the album art together with the audio files!
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