Uriah Heep
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville, PA USA
February 27, 2015
complete show
taped by blackchevy

Contrast Clause :

This capture is by a different
taper on different equipment from
details.php?id=520658 and 520596

Lineage -

SONY ECM-717 external mic >
ZOOM H2 Handy Digital Recorder >
sound card >
tracked & edited wav files on ZOOM H2 >
wav files sent to jojogunne
via SendSpace >
Trader's Little Helper (wav files to flac,
encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)


Track 01 - Speed Of Sound
Track 02 - The Hanging Tree
Track 03 - The Law
Track 04 - The Outsider
Track 05 - Sunrise
Track 06 - Stealin'
Track 07 - The Magician's Birthday
Track 08 - What Kind Of God
Track 09 - One Minute
Track 10 - Can't Take That Away
Track 11 - July Morning
Track 12 - Lady In Black
Track 13 - encore break
Track 14 - Gypsy
Track 15 - Easy Livin'
Track 16 - outro

CD one - 7 tracks, 45:04
CD two - 9 tracks, 49:19
TT: 94:23

Sound Quality : I'll let blackchevy
chime in here...sounds fine to me !

Quick comments about the concert &
the upload :

This concert was recorded by my good friend (of
over 24 years) blackchevy. He asked me to up it
for him here on Dime & I of course agreed. I've
listened to the entire show on my car CD player
and it sounds great to me. Blackchevy will post
a few comments when I upload this shortly & if
anyone has any questions for him about details,
I'm sure he'll be happy to answer them. Uriah Heep
seems to be enjoying a comeback and I'm certainly
glad that blackchevy was there that night to
record the show. That's about all I know on my
end so let's get this show on the golden road
to spiritual enlightenment...

As always, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed
this as long as you can. Spread it far & wide for
all to enjoy. Have fun, don't freak out, get off
your asses for Uriah Heep and enjoy the show.
Jojogunne over & out...

blackchevy & jojogunne