Uriah Heep
Oberhausen, Germany
24. November 2016
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minimax master-series #731

Master - Audience recording

Recording position: standing on ground floor, right side, about 15 meters away from stage
Equipment: Zoom H4N - Sound professional microphones SP-CMC-8
Location: the usual crappy arena
Visitors: about 6.000 � not sold out
Ticket-price: ./.
Parking-costs: ./.
Catering: nothing
Weather: dark, dry
Concert-Info: my second Uriah Heep-concert within just a few days. Only 39 years, two months and three days passed since that day. I think I haven't heard any song of them since then. And I stood there on the floor and not that I recognized seven of the nine performed songs, no, I nearly knew all the words. So, my long-term memory seems to be o.k.
Anyway, here we have that what is Uriah Heep nowadays, only one original-member -Mick Box- is left. Hearing it one time was quiet o.k., sseing it, hmmmm..let's say: quiet o.k.
Grab it, you know what you'll get.

Including Cover-Artwork!

Mick Box
Bernie Shaw
Davey Rimmer
Russell Gilbrook
Phil Lanzon

Look at yourself
The law
One minute
July morning
Lady in black
Easy livin'

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