BoldCaptain & SBDJohnny Present:

The Us Festival - 25th Anniversary
Sept 3-4-5 1982
Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, California.

Master Audience Cassette
Nakamichi CM300 shotguns > Technics 686 > Maxell UD XL II
Playback: Nakamichi 680ZX > Tascam CD RW5000
Audio extracted via Peak 3.21 on G4 Powerbook.
Flac'd via xACT 2.1 (sbe and fingerprint verified)

Size : 2.13Gb

Day One: Sept 3 1982
Disc 01 USFestival1982-9-3-DevoreCa
English Beat
01. Lady???
02. Big Shot
03. Feel Love Thumpin
04. Twist And Crawl
05. I Confess
06. Get A Job
07. Heart Like Ice
08. Stomp
09. 2 Swords
10. Hands Off (She's Mine)
11. Save It For Later
12. Too Nice To Talk To
13. Mirror In The Bathroom
14. Jackpot

Disc 02 USFestival1982-9-3-DevoreCa
Oingo Boingo
01. Intro
02. Its The Life
03. What You See (Is What You Get)
04. Private Life
06. Grey Matter
07. Do It
08. Wild Sex
09. Take The Whole Day Off
11. Capitalism
12. Nothing To Fear
13. On The Outside

Disc 03 USFestival1982-9-3-DevoreCa
B 52's
01. Party Out Of Bounds
02. Give Me Back My Man
03. Planet Claire
04. Toss That Beat
05. Hot Lava
06. Mesopotamia
07. 6060842
08. Big Bird
09. 32 Girls
10. Dance This Mess Around
11. Private Idaho
12. Rock Lobster
13. Strobe Light

Disc 04 USFestival1982-9-3-DevoreCa
Talking Heads
01. Sit Down!
02. Psycho Killer
03. My Love Goes To A) Building On Fire
04. Cities
05. Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)
06. Once In A Lifetime
07. Mind
08. My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)
09. Slink
10. Big Business > I Zimbra
11. Swamp
12. Houses In Motion
13. What A Day That Was
14. Life During Wartime
15. /Take Me To The River

Disc 05 USFestival1982-9-3-DevoreCa
1. Voices Inside My Head
2. Message in a Bottle
3. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
4. Walking On The Moon
5. Spirits in a Material World
6. Hungry for You
7. When The World is Running Down
8. The Bed's Too Big without You
9. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da//
10. Demolition Man
11. Shadows in the Rain
12. Bring on the Night
13. Driven to Tears
14. One World
15. Invisible Sun
16. Roxanne
17. Don't Stand So Close to Me
18. /Can't Stand Losing You
19. So Lonely

Notes: Well, I would have liked to present this with a little more fanfare, and a little more complete than it is here, but after sitting on these files for two years it seems I lost the original text file that I had written. It included a lot of history and color from the event. My ex would not contribute the pictures we had taken that are still in her possession, they were mostly crowd shots but lend a lot to the story, even if you had been there. The mods frowned upon alternate sources of two of the six set that I did not record this weekend, though they are available in their original DVD format elsewhere. If anyone can provide these missing sets, we would all be grateful, and if my original text ever surfaces I will make it available at that time.
Suffice to say that even with all of Steve Wozniacs money, he couldn't have pulled this off without Bill Graham. His experience, connections and style made this event what it was. The West Coasts answer to Woodstock. The 110 degree heat, the rising dust from 300,000 feet stomping through the natural bowl between the rise of mountains that had been turned into the worlds largest ampitheatre, the nightmare of logistics bringing in 20 bands over three days along with an army of staff, support, security, venders, media and equipment couldn't keep this event from coming off with all the style and grace that was a "Bill Graham Presents.." event. From the impeccable sound system, the water hoses the plentiful "facilities" this festival owes more to Bill than anyone else, for without him it could never have happened.
And now for the first time anywhere, the (almost) complete US Festival 1892.