BoldCaptain & SBDJohnny Present:

The Us Festival - 25th Anniversary
Sept 3-4-5 1982
Glen Helen Regional Park, Devore, California.

Master Audience Cassette
Nakamichi CM300 shotguns > Technics 686 > Maxell UD XL II
Playback: Nakamichi 680ZX > Tascam CD RW5000
Audio extracted via Peak 3.21 on G4 Powerbook.
Flac'd via xACT 2.1 (sbe and fingerprint verified)

Size: 1.59 Gb

Day Two: Sept 4 1982
Disc 06 USFestival1982-9-4-DevoreCa
Dave Edmunds
01. Crawling From The Wreckage
02. From Small Things
03. Girls Talk
05. Me And The Boys
06. Queen Of Hearts
07. I Knew The Bride//
08. My Own Business
09. JuJu Man
10. Lets Talk About Us

Disc 07 USFestival1982-9-4-DevoreCa
01. Crowd Chant
02. Primera Invasion/Searchin'
03. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
04. Oye Como Va
05. Dealer/Spanish Rose->
06. Nowhere to Run
07. Incident at Neshabur
08. /Jingo
09. Hold On
10. She's Not There
12. Open Invitation
12. Shango

Disc 08 USFestival1982-9-4-DevoreCa
The Cars
01. Intro
02. Good Times Roll
03. Bye Bye Love
03. Touch And Go
04. Misfit Kid
06. Cruiser
07. Since You're Gone
08. Candy-O
09. Moving In Stereo
10. Nightspots
11. Lets Go
12. Best Friend Girlfriend
13. Dangerous Type
14. Just What I Needed
15. Shake It Up
16. I Need You

Disc 09 USFestival1982-9-4-DevoreCa
The Kinks
01. Intro
02. Round The Dial
03. The Hard Way
04. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
05. Catch Me Now Im Falling
06. Destroyer
07. Yo-Yo
08. Lola
09. Entertainment
10. Low Budget
11. Back To Front
12. Art Lover
13. Celluloid Heroes
15. Cant Get A Gallon Of Gas
16. End Of The Day
17. All Day And All Of The Night

Disc 10 USFestival1982-9-4-DevoreCa
Pat Benatar
Not Included (DVD available at
01.Treat Me Right
02.You Better Run
03.I Need a Lover
04.The Victim
05.Precious Time
07.In The Heat of the Night
08.Little Too Late
09.Fire and Ice
10.Promises in the Dark
11.Hit Me With Your Best Shot
13.Hell is for Children
14.No You Don't
15.Just Like Me

Disc 11 USFestival1982-9-4-DevoreCa
Tom Petty
Not Included (DVD available at
01.A One Story Town
02.She's A Woman In Love
03.Kings Road
07.So You Think You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
08.Even The Losers