Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo
December 12 1976
audience recording
Silver CDs-->EAC-->wav-->FLAC

'Communion With The Sun'- A fairly recent 'boot' Japanese double CD (Sirene-179). Hiroshi might be able to shine more light on this one, (because I believe
he has it)...but this just in from my buddy Soichi (Japan). Happy New Year to me! This is not the 'Smashing Ice Guitar' (Tarantura) boot from the same date
and seems to be another source too! Or maybe two shows were performed on December 12th 1976? Again maybe Horoshi can clarify.
An excellent audience recording I think. If ya'll already have this, then please forgive me. I didn't have it, and It's been very hard for me to find until
now. This is ESSENTIAL. Soichi also provides us with the CD Artwork (I include it below and within the .rar download). ENJOY!

Disc One:
01 Overture/Communion With The Sun
02 When The Shit Hits the Fan (Sunset Blvd.) - le Feel Internacionale
03 Love of the Common Man
04 The Seven Rays
05 Windows
06 Emergency Splashdown
07 Freedom Fighters

Disc Two:
01 The Verb To Love
02 Initiation
03 The Wheel
04 Landmark
05 Mister Triscuits
06 Something's Coming
07 Jealousy
08 Boogies (Hamburger Hell)

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