Uptown Theater, Kansas City
December 11, 1982
Partial audience recording (Courtesy of Wes Meyette Archive)
Lineage: 1st Maxell XLII > Nak BX-300 > Sony PCM M10 24/96
Editing by Wes Meyette using CD Wave Editor
24/96 FLACs-->Audacity (level adjust, speed-correction, tracking)-->FLAC 8

This one needed a bit of massaging as there were some severe level fluctuations
in the left channel. I addressed the one right at the end of "Looking At You..."
(you'll be able to tell) but left the one during Love In Action as it drops all at
once and then ramps back up gradually. Also, the speed was too fast after the tape
change, I addressed that as well. Otherwise I left it "as is", as it's a very nice
audience capture from the very end of the "Suits" tour. Sadly it's only a partial;
equally sadly, there are several tracks missing but "Princess Of The Universe" is
still there ;-) Enjoy, and thanks to Wes M for the source files!

1.1 Infrared & Ultraviolet 2:41--->
1.2 Libertine 2:41--->
1.3 Burn Three Times 3:23--->
1.4 Couldn't I Just Tell You 3:15
1.5 Set Me Free 3:07
1.6 I'm Looking At You But I'm Talking to Myself 4:08
1.7 Princess Of The Universe 3:18
1.8 Swing To The Right 5:41
1.9 There Goes My Inspiration 3:30
1.10 Hammer In My Heart 4:10
1.11 Caravan (cuts in) 7:05
1.12 Love in Action 3:25
1.13 encore break 0:40
1.14 One World 3:17
1.15 Just One Victory 6:05

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