Utopia Rising was a jam band that gigged around the Buffalo area for about 12 years before calling it quits. They began in high school, then continued on after the untimely death of their original drummer. They play an eclectic blend of old style 70's rock, 80s metal and hippie jam music. I did their live sound for several years and helped produce the recordings here.

From Here to Now On was recorded in a professional recording studio after UR won some time in a battle of the bands. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of time to really get the vocals down good. They had to get it in the first couple of takes. Mastering and editing was done by me at my home studio along with some post-production FX work and overdubbing. --}{eywood

01 Sweetwater
02 Blue Lucidia
03 From Here to Now On
04 Design/Terratology
05 Cry of Dawn
06 You All Suck ('Cause I'm So Stupid)
07 1000 Clouds in the Sun
08 Carnival King
09 Your Perception
10 Licked by God

secret bonus tracks:

Angel Frost

All songs composed by Utopia Rising

UR is:

Lance Drake: guitar, vocals, keyboards, FX
Justin Peter Alphonso Eulrich: bass, vocals, keyboards, FX
Brian Eubeler: drums, percussion