Valley Of The Sun
June 9Th 2015
Freiburg (Germany)
White Rabbit

A Hanwaker Sbd-Aud Matrix Recording

Taped With Permission By Ryan

Thanks To The House Mixer Narf
Thanks To The White Rabbit Crew
Thanks To "Schnieder"
And An Amazing Crowd !

Dpa4061 Mounted On Dummy Head--> Edirol 04 [2,40 M Overhead @ Sbd Booth]
Sbd Line Out--> Edirol 04

Mixed In Audacity, Time Adjusted, Tracked, Flac (8) By Hanwaker 2015-06


01 Eternal ( Incl Breakdown And Finish Off)
02 Deep Light Burns
03 Riding The Dunes
04 Gunslinger
05 Maya
06 The Sleeping Sand
07 Within The Glare
08 Land Of Fools *
09 Hearts Aflame
10 Face Ripper *
11Centaur Rodeo
12 Enc 1
13 Mariner's Tale
14 Enc 2
15 The Message Is Get Down

*(New Song)

Line Up
Ryan Ferrier (Guitar, Vocals) / Arnaud Merckling (Bass) / Aaron Boyer (Drums)

Hanwaker Recording,Mix And Upload To Dime 2015-06

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