Circus Krone Bau
Munchen, Germany
10 May 1971
(Remastered version)

Source : Audience recording
Lineage: Unknown (d/l from soulseek)

Set List:
01. Introduction
02. Darkness
03. Lost
04. Man-Erg

- renamed tracks
- boosted volume
- created text file, ffp and md5

From Pilgrims No.13:
"This tape starts with an unusually talkative PH explaining that since the band last played in Munich, they have undergone some changes. Hugh is now playing bass pedals and David is now totally electric, both with regard to his saxophones and to his mind. They then launch into a stunning version of 'Darkness'with the instrumental finish being particularily menacing. Next is, as Peter puts it, a simple love song on various levels, 'Lost'. Unfortunately, this and the final song on the tape 'Man-Erg' have been rather clumsily edited at some point in the past."