Supertivoli, Brescia,Italy
21 May 1972

Source: Mono audience recording
Lineage: Low (3rd Gen?) Tape > CDr(2) > EAC > Goldwave > TLH > Flac

CD 1
01 White Hammer
02 Darkness (11/11)
03 Lemmings
04 Man-Erg
05 W

CD 2
01 Killer
02 Lost
03 Octopus / Theme One / Octopus
04 Aquarian

1. This is not The Killer Lives or a re-master of it
2. The pitch is about a semitone lower than TKL and sounds better for it (as does TKL when I corrected it)
3. There is some hiss but this is only noticeable in the (few) quiet parts
4. Cleaned up track transitions and did some re-tracking (except at the end of Killer - see note 6)
5. Smoothed tape flip( ?) in Man-Erg at 4.02 (this in exactly the same place as TKL)
6. Strangeness at the end of Killer (tape v TKL):
- TKL: 8.2 secs after the song ends PH says "thank you, after Man-Erg that was W......".
- Tape Source: 5.3 secs after the song ends PH says "thank you very much" then after another 7.5 seconds "the next one is" the tape cuts and resumes "-Erg that was W"
7. The sound changes noticeably at the tape cut after Killer and for Lost and Octopus there is less hiss.
8. When I received this Acquarian was the first track on CD1.

October 2007

Flac fingerprints:
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d1t01 White Hammer.flac:861969e84faaf86db8c66e350f7da5df
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d1t02 Darkness.flac:c889ec6c9c412b8c6a4260266dcc07e0
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d1t03 Lemmings.flac:d6320fb019c2332b05c3135c245c6590
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d1t04 Man-Erg.flac:43d3f6bfec804941cb3344ee713157d9
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d1t05 W.flac:e725aa1aeecd66611de46704844c0dda
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d2t01 Killer.flac:2d863dda1c13bd77ad08c5567285b749
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d2t02 Lost.flac:4be4341369b74999b4d76cf34c8d19df
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d2t03 Octopus-Theme1-Octopus.flac:98832848944bb4b937f785f550693db4
VdGG 1972-05-21 tape d2t04 Acquarian.flac:1995418a2825b471cfc0fd0f31a2032e