Van Der Graaf Generator
LEM Club, Verona, Italy

Lineage: Audience cassette (? gen)>Trade CDR>EAC(secure mode)>WAV>flac level 6> you

As I saw a request for this I am happy to fulfill it in the hope that this minor flood of early VDGG continues and yields to me some other unheard gems (An Epidemic Of Father Christmases, anyone?).

This is an very good recording. No major problems other than a certain distance and a fair amount of chatter (blooming Italians, eh?) The sound is clear and undistorted with plenty of top end-you can clearly hear the acoustic guitar and the cymbals-so I'd give it a B+.
According to the comment on this at it is a completely absolutely wonderful performance ! I agree.

01. Darkness (11/11) 7'07
02. Lost 14'12
03. Lemmings 13'44
04. W 7'31
05. Killer 9'12
06. Man-Erg(cut) 1'56 07. Theme One 5'04

Total Playing Time 58'46

Go on and share it but keep it lossless!