(TomP) Remaster

Chateau Neuf
9 March 1977

Source: Zomb post by 'Gary' - thanks !! He posts a lot of good ones.

audience recording
Lineage: CDR(x) > EAC (secure, offset corrected) > wav > Nero Audio Editor > Flac Level8,
aligned on sector boundaries)

Changes Made (Nero 7):
Used better sounding Left channel from this 'phased' mono post
Evened out volume levels on all tracks
Applied +2dB Bass and +4dB Treble EQ
Deleted about 3min of tuning (no announcement affected)
Cross-faded all tracks to smooth transitions
Applied Nero noise print NR - at the lowest possible setting
- which also improved instrument clarity and low level detail (especially bass)

Quality: Worth an A+ now

The original was a great performance, but obviously a mono recording with added phasing,
which only served to dim the sound and move the stereo balance hard right. All of this
is now fixed, plus other editing (details above).

What you now have is a superb recording of a very rarely (if ever) recorded period of
the 4-man VdG, before the addition of cello, playing a lot of Peter's solo album. Over..

...Hope you enjoy it as much as I do !!

Peter Hammill - Vox, guitar & keyboards
Graham Smith - Violin
Nic Potter - Bass
Guy Evans - Drums

Set 1 (45.30)
05.09 Crying Wolf
09.24 Lost And Found
11.35 Rock And Role
09.32 Arrow
09.47 My Room

Set 2 (44.50)
07.10 The Siren Song
09.59 Time Heals
08.51 When She Comes
08.40 Urban
10.06 Last Frame (cut)

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