Van Der Graaf Generator
2007-04-22 Sunday
Klub Studio, Krakow

SNS-MR-027 "Wolves"

source: EX audience recording

lineage: Sony MD MZ-NH700 > Panasonic ECM RP-VC201 mic

transfer: Master HiMD > USB transfer to HDD > SonicStage3.3 > Track splitting in CDWave 1.94.8 > TLH FlacFrontend level8

taping location: stairs (2m over the floor) on the left from the stage

taper: SNSik (

total time: [118:07]


Disc 1 [68:20]:

1. tuning [1:42]
2. Childlike Faith in Childhood's End [12:12]
3. A Place To Survive [7:45]
4. La Rossa [10:26]
5. (In The) Black Room [11:59]
6. Every Bloody Emperor [7:55]
7. All That Before [8:36]
8. Gog [7:45]

Disc 2 [49:45]:

9. Meurglys III, the Songwriter's Guild [16:30]

10. The Sleepwalkers [11:44]
11. Man-erg [14:24]
12. Refugees [7:08]

I decided to go for this show the day before it. My sister bought me a ticket, unfortunately one of these printed one (with price and artist name on it only) and we went for the show in Studio Club in Cracow. Being there at 19:45, got in and being checked by the security. Hopefully as always they hadn't found in my bag my mini-disc nor my digi-cam.

Some words about the venue: this club has one of the worst acoustic I've ever heard. Sound there is echoed, flat, vocal hardly listeneable. Great that Sunday's show wasn't played too loud because then sound of this recording would be much worse. I think the venue was build as a super market, not as a concert hall. I recorded some shows there, every time trying a different positions: front of stage, front of board, front of speakers, right from the board but never got a good sound. I know it may be a little caused by my gear which isn't great like some other tapers here have but in other venues like in Leipzig Arena, DE on last Roger Waters' show there (my recording is still here on tracker - you can check the samples there) the sound is really excellent.

First surprise on entry - there are chairs standing on the floor and all of them were occupied. I couldn't take any "good" position so I decided to check the balconies which were occupied too. The only position nice to me was on the stairs. So I took place there and prepare my gear. As the crowd was rather in older age and there's no worries of stage jumping and drunked people fightings the security concentrated on looking for people with cameras. I think VDGG is not the kind of music they like so most of them went bored to the bar after first 15-20 minutes of the show. But some still were on the ground sometimes running up and down the stairs making me feel a little nervous.

Second surprise - the band was quite punctual - they started at 20:10. I don't know VDGG music too much so some parts were boring for me and some were really great. Show finished after 2 hours.

Overall I think it's very nice recording, clear sound, no audience talkings during the songs.
Check the samples please, download and enjoy. If you listen to it drop a comment, please, thank you.

I took also 45 minutes of the show with my Sony Cybershot. If there are any request I will work on them and release them here or somehwere someday.

About the title - if you listen to it carefully you will hear some audience screamings sounds like wolves.

release date: Monday 23rd April 2007
- snsik

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