BBC In Concert
23 September 1971
(broadcast 5 October 1971)

Source: The first 3 tracks are taken from an original radio show LP even if they may have been recorded onto tape first, as suggested by the sound quality features, so the lineage could be: original radio show LP>tape>cd. The last 2 tracks come clearly from an off-radio broadcast recording and are obviously not as good as the first 3 but stll very good.
Lineage: 1-3 'VdGG On The Air' (shn files) ; 4-5 Pilgrimage 13 (remastered by calayx1)
Editing Information:
- Original source of P13 tracks was 'Radio & TV/1968-1977' CDr
- Goldwave 5.10 pop/click function to remove some clicks.
- Boosted volume in both channels (more so in LH) on tracks 1-3 to bring volume up to levels on 4-5 and patched in applause at the end of Man-Erg
- Removed silence at end of OTA tracks with cross-fades

Track List:
1. Man-Erg
2. W
3. Killer
4. Theme One
5. Dambusters March