VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Space Electronic, Firenze 14 February 1972 Source: Audience Lineage: CDr > EAC > Wav > Goldwave > TLH > flac (Level 8, aligned on sector boundaries) CD1 01, Afterwards 02. Darkness 03. Lost 04. Lemmings CD2 01. After The Flood (tape flip at 2.50) 02. Killer 03. Theme One 04. Octopus 05. Refugees (incomplete) I'm not convinced that the show really did start with Afterwards. Just because it was the first one on the tape (and CDs created from it) that circulates is not conclusive as there is no between song announcements to confirm this one way or the other. For the Brescia May '72 show I received (sourced from a tape not The Killer Lives) Acquarian was the first track on CD 1 rather than the last track on CD 2. Also, German Overalls was played mid-set at Brescia. Notes: - some hiss, mainly noticeable on Afterwards. - fade outs after each track disguised with cross fades - corrected low volume in LH channel during early part of After the Flood - tape problems in ATF at about 4.10 - RH channel reduced by 2.0-2.5 dB to balance sound. - boosted bass - some microphone knocks