Cinema Mascotte
7 May 1972 (early morning)

Hugh Banton - organ
Guy Evans - drums
Peter Hammill - voice & acc. guitar
David Jackson - saxes

Transfered from ORIGINAL audience recording with
Sony Stero Cassette recorder and stereo microphone!!!!
Transfer with Phillips Audio CD-Recorder -> CD -> -> wav -> Flac

CD 1
1 Announcement + tuning
2 Theme One
3 After The Flood
4 Killer
5 Navigated Jaxon's German Intro
6 Lemmings (cut)
7 Lemmings (end - tape change!!!)
8 'w'
9 Lost

1 Darkness (11/11)
2 Octopus

The Story:
Forget all the previous bootlegs ('I prosphesy disaster', 'il dizionario del
rock', 'live at the black bottom of the sea'that were around for the last 30
years....they all are from x-generation tapes. Yes, I CHANGED this tape a lot
in the late 70's or early 80's. So it always was quite boring to see as so
many bootlegs were made out of it, and were SOLD for sometimes high prices!

The Recording:
Was done by one of my best friends of that time. Unfortunately I couldn't see
this great concert, as I was ill and lying at home in my bed with 38 or more
degree fever....As disappointed I was, not to see this gig, so surprised I was
when Christian came some days later to see me with this tape. I listend to it
more than to anything else and in fact was the catalysator who brought me on
the train of VDGG (which I never left since ever). I always liked VDGG live
much more than their records. Maybe because of this wild 'punky-jazzy-psyche-
dlic'(progressive then, and progressive today, but never Prog-Rock!!!) concert.

The Cinema:
Cinema Mascotte then was a cinema for Studio films, and in 1972 they made for
a short time nocturne concerts at midnight (or in the case of VDGG a bit later,
as they had to travel from Berne - where they played some hours before - to
Basel). Today, the Cinema Mascotte still exists at same place in the same buil-
dung as a porno cinema.......

The Set:
was played backwards, with the usual encore Theme One as opener, and the usual
opener Darkness at the end. Only Octopus stayed an encore.

The Taper:
Sadly Christian lost his interest in rock music some years later and left Basel.
Before, he gave me his original tape and some fotos of the gig (fotographer

For more read Van Der Graaf Generator - The Book
and Somewhere there you'll find the anecdote of
Jackson falling into the fountain before the Hilton Hotel opposite the street of
the cinema Mascotte.


uploaded by nadir_53