Van Der Graaf Generator
Presentation of "Scorched Earth" at London, Olympia (or APRS Exhibithion)
26 oCTOBER 1975

Peter & pianos 1:48
Guy explanation 1:05
Scorched Earth clips 2:32
Guy / David explanations & sax 5:04
Scorched Earth with sax 2:03
David's saxwork 3:46
David misses queue 1:50
Scorched Earth with sax / Guy vocal track 6:18
Peter sings & explains mix 4:52
Peter vocals / overdubs 3:28
Overdubs (bass, guitar, sax) 4:00
Scorched Earth (stereo mix) 10:24

It's a 1975 presentation of the song "Scorched Earth", with excerpts of it, both live performed as from the 24-track master, played, probably, in front of the music press and/or the recording companies people.
PH explaines all details of the song, the way of recording it etc in a funny way. HB and DJ also add comments, but due to the not that much excellent audio quality these parts are hard to fully understand. PH is much more present.

It was on the 26th of October. They flew down from Glasgow, because they had played there the night before. It was for a massive audio fair, a professional studio exhibition. They had a complete sixteen track studio set up and they wanted them to perform a live demonstration on how to use it. Pat Moran came up from Rockfield with the masters, and DJ did a live overdub
on the stage. They demonstrated how to play it back and how multi-tracking worked. HB took charge of the desk. PM might have been tape op, and HB thinks GE was producing. It was basically showing how to make a record. This stuff was unknown to the general public then. According to HB it was good fun.

Never for sale!!!

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