Van Der Graaf Generator
Peter Hammill- vocals, clavinet, guitar
David Jackson- sax and flute
Hugh Banton- organ, bass
Guy Evans- drums and percussion
Hempstead Pavillion
Hemel, U.K.
December 18, 1975
performance quality: B+ maybe better
recording quality B (pretty good for '75 VDGG aud)
source: master audience tape
runtime: 127:47

disc 1 64:56
1: the undercover man 8:23
2: scorched earth 10:27
3: arrow 10:40
4: a house is not a home 13:29
5: faint-heart and the sermon 8:36
6: la rossa 13:18

disc 2 62:53

7: lemmings 19:06
8: gog (spliced, tape flip) 9:13
9: the sleepwalkers 12:21
10: man-erg and encore break 14:16
11: pilgrims 7:54

(notes from the original info file)
transfered from original mastertape!
cassette recording with a sony recorder and stero microphone
cassette -> cd (with Philips Audio CD recorder) -> Flac

I got this and three other original recordings by a friend
who was studying in London in the second half of 1975.

remaster notes:
this was first posted in late 2007 by nadir53 as a
raw-from-master post.
Apparently that post has since fallen off dime's tracker.
this one was remastered by glasnostrd19 in Nov. 2007.
additional lineage for this post:
dime download (FLAC) > WAV (remastering) > FLAC > dime.
(Only one of his 4 VDGG posts was still on the tracker as
of Jan. 20, 2009, Woolwich 31 Oct. 75, at torrent #167886.
that one has since been posted in a remaster form much like this was,
by jamiel at torrent #232442. the Corn Exchange Oct. 17, 75 show is
posted in a remaster form much as this is at torrent #232928.)
I sent him copies of all 4 VDGG shows he posted then that I remastered
(including this one) and he was very pleased with the results. one
of those shows was recently posted as a remaster done by another uploader
in a manner very similar to this one (the Woolwich show, not this one)
and I recently posted a remaster of the Corn Exchange one. like with
many of my older remasters, this is about due for a posting too.
I have balanced the levels out, reduced some of the loudest claps,
re-tracked so each song starts with either music or talk about the
track forthcoming, and spliced in some applause where the recorder
was shut off to flip or change tapes. the result is a seamless recording
(with a few good options for disc break) without any jarring interruption.
I don't think any music was missed in the original recording, except for 1
tape flip during "gog' and it doesn't sound too bad (not perfect).
the original post of this sounded pretty nice (better than Corn Exchange)
Now it sounds a little better, and has a fadein to start track 1 and a
fadeout to end track 11.
many thanks to nadir53 for a fine quartet of VDGG master posts, and
to the taper of the shows. he did a very good job, making my job pretty
easy with this, and worth the effort.
do not sell this recording.
trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.