Van der Graaf Generator
Salle des Fetes de Carouge
2 June 1976

Source: reel-to-reel tape recorder with external microphones in excellent quality
Editing: Fixed SBEs, renamed and tagged tracks

01 The Undercover Man
02 Scorched Earth
03 Introducing Carlberg
04 Arrow
05 Still Life
06 Introducing Bunty
07 Childlike Faith In Childhood's End
08 A Place To Survive (fades out)

01 The Sleepwalkers
02 Pilgrims

Peter Hammill / Carlberg - voice, guitar, el. piano
Hugh Banton / Bunty - organ
David Jackson -saxophones and flute
Guy Evans - drums and percussion

This was their first gig only 2 days after they've finished the recordings for World Record. A Place To Survive is the World Premiere and is incomplete as the batteries ran out so there is probably one more song (La Rossa?) missing.