Van der Graaf Generator
Peter Hammill: vocals, guitar, piano. keyboards
Hugh Banton: organ, bass
Guy Evans: drums
David Jackson: sax, flute

Marquee Club
London, England
incomplete stereo audience recording
runtime: 140:43 (minutes/ seconds)
wav size: 1:38 GB
flac size: 800 MB

setlist old times, (new times)
CD 1 67:52
01: the undercover man, Peter talks 10:57 (11:09)
02: masks 9:58 (10:08)
03: arrow 12:22 (12:47)
04: still life 9:17 (9:46) (end applause spliced)
05: wondering 6:42 (7:20)
06: Peter talks, La Rossa 16:45 (16:33)
CD 2 72:48
07: childlike faith in childhood's end 13:59 (14:09)
08: when she comes (incomplete, end cuts) 8:53 (9:023)
09: Meurglys III, the Songwriter's Guild > 27:24 (27:51)
10: the sleepwalkers 11:57 (12:30)
11: a place to survive 8:59 (9:08) end fades out

Audience Recording. Unknown (possibly 3rd) generation copy received
in trade in the 1970's on TDK SA Cassettes.
Recording appears to run slightly fast.

TDK-SA > Tascam 302 > PCM-10 96/24 Wave files
Tracked with CD Wave Editor V. 1.98 > Audacity 2.4.2 for speed correction
and conversion to 16 BIT > converted to FLAC 8 using Trader's Little Helper V2.8.3.182.
Digital Transfer by Michael Cariola
remaster lineage: flac > wav (resample to 16/44.1, adjustments) > flac 8 (sb's aligned) > your ears.
remastering by glasnostrd19 incl.
speed adjust -30 cents, balance levels in last part of masks
and rest of show, pasted some applause in for tape flip after arrow,
retracked end applause after wondering and removed silent gap (master edit?)
before La Rossa, retracked end applause after La Rossa,
balanced levels as needed for most of show,
corrected track 10 track title, it's not A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers.
also spliced some applause after it when the recorder was shut off abruptly.
this is now pretty close to a seamless recording.
tracks 8 and 11 are incomplete, both cut before the end.
not much is missing from the last track,
but a significant chunk of when she comes is missing.
other than that, it should be hard to tell now
when the recorder was shut off to pause between songs,
flip or change tape. this was a really long show.
kudos to whoever recorded it for getting this much of it.
the source this comes from was 16/96, this one is 16/44.1.

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