Van Der Graaf Generator
Massey Hall
15 October 1976

Source: audeince recording
- Main: Low (probably second) generation tape > wav > flac > GoldWave (Editing) > flac (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)
- Patches: "Satan, God, Nemo and More" (SGNM) - CDr(x) > EAC > wav

CD 1
1. When She Comes
2. Masks
3. La Rossa
4. Still Life

CD 2
1. Meurglys III
2. Gog
3. The Sleepwalkers
4. Man-Erg
5. Childlike Faith In Childhood's End

Additonal Info:
This was sent to me by tkgafs who received it about a week after the concert. The good news is that it has a nice bright sound and is superior to the other versions of the show I had. The bad news is that the tape had been played many times with the result that there is some occasional tape flutter; there were also two sections (near the end of Masks and the beginning of Meurglys III) that required patching from SGNM.

I also restored Man Erg to its correct place in the running order (it was at the end of side 1 of the tape) and patched in a few extra seconds before and/or after The Sleepwalkers, Man-Erg and Childlike from SGNM where this did not exist on the tape.

Editing Notes:
d1t1 - boosted rh channel by 1db from about 6.20
d1t2 - boosted rh channel by 1db
d1t2 - patched and Eq'd 2 seconds at approx 7.24 from SGNM due to tape damage
d1t3 - boosted rh channel by 1db
d1t3 - boosted rh channel by 1db
d1t4 - added applause from another part of the recording (ended abruptly immediately after song finished)
d1t4 - fixed drop out at 3.44.30
d1t4 - boosted volume by 3.5 db for first 3.38 and 6.24 - 8.35, and adjusted EQ to reduce resultant hiss
d2t1 - patched in first 4.34 from SGNM; some EQing to match tape sound
d2t3 - boosted lh channel by 1 db
d2t3/4, d2t4/5 - patched in and smoothed additional between song crowd and stage announcements from SGNM
d2t5 - boosted lh channel by 0.5db, minor EQ adjustment to reduce hiss.
d2t5 - boosted quiet periods 021-0.56, 5.35-6.23, 6.59-7.12, 8.01-8.04 by about 1.5 db and made minor EQ adjustments

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