Van Der Graaf Generator
N.Y.78 bootleg vinyl LP
Reno Records
RR 5578

Rega RP1 > Yamaha RX-777 > Abit KN8 > Audacity (record, manual de-click, normalize & convert to flac 24bit 48kHz) > Mp3tag (flac tags)

1. When She Comes (9:20)
2. Lemmings (15:48)
3. La Rossa (13:31)
4. Murgleys III (17:15)

Recorded 1976-10-18 Beacon Theater, New York, NY

Tracks one and three are tracked at the beginning of each LP side. Track four is tracked at the break in the original taper's recording.

Ripped from vinyl Christmas morning 2013

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