Van Der Graaf Generator
Newcastle City Hall

Lineage: Very good audience recording(unknown generation)>CDR>EAC>WAV>Flac level 6>you

I recently played through a number of VDGG discs from 1976 that I had been sent by the late lamented Jamie Fogg and probably only listened to bits of. Armed with the steely determination and keen ear of a true enthusiast I braved the sonic assault and, cross checking with the online info available, I came to the inevitable conclusion that most of the recordings are, in a word, pants (see for more).
However I did discover that this one from Newcastle is indeed very good and well worth the effort to upload it for all you nutters who haven't heard it.
My research will continue as there are a fair few '76 discs left to go but I needed a break.

Note: I was tempted to do a hiss reduction on this as it is fairly hissy. Having said that, those with a knowledge of this sort of thing will rejoice at this as it shows that no noise reduction has been applied previously and it is also evidence, combined with the clarity of the recording, of a close to, if not actual master tape source and good transfer.
I did however feel the need to remove a couple of in mic dedications to the taper's OH, Hazel. I also re-tracked the break between two songs.

CD 1

01. When She Comes
02. Masks
03. Arrow
04. Still Life
05. Lemmings

CD 2

01. Childlike Faith In Childhood's End
02. Meurglys III
03. Gog
04. The Sleepwalkers

The band turn in a really excellent performance on this and Hammill is in fine voice putting in some very unusual embellishments here and there.

Please don't trade in lossy formats or sell this recording. Enjoy the music and support the artists.